Shipments to Africa

 We operate shipments to the following ports:

- Algeria: Alger, Bejaia, Oran, Skikda

- Angola: Lobito, Luanda

- Benin: Cotonou

- Cameroon: Douala

- Congo (Rep.): Pointe Noire

- Congo (D.R.): Boma, Matadi

- Djibouti: Djibouti

- Egypt: Alexandria, Port Said

- Equatorial Guinea: Bata, Malabo

- Eritrea: Massawa

- Gabon: Libreville, Port Gentil

- Gambia: Banjul

- Ghana: Takoradi, Tema

- Guinea: Conakry

- Ivory Coast: Abidjan

- Kenya: Mombasa

- Liberia: Monrovia

- Libya: Benghazi, Misurata, Tripoli

- Mauretania: Nouakchott

- Morocco: Casablanca, Tangier

- Mosambique: Beira, Maputo, Nacala

- Namibia: Walvis Bay

- Nigeria: Lagos  Apapa/Tincan, Port Harcourt/Onne

- Senegal: Dakar

- Sierra Leone: Freetown

- Somalia: Berbera, Mogadishu

- South Afrika: Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth

- Sudan: Port Sudan

- Tanzania: Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar

- Togo: Lome

- Tunisia: Sfax, Tunis

- other ports possible on request -


African ports
possible ports in Africa

Kindly note the following import regulations:

- Angola:               CNCA-certificate (waiver) is mandatory, for issuance the number of the

                                    "documento unico" (import license) is needed.

- Benin:                  ECTN (waiver) is mandatory

- Boma:                  age restriction for vehicles: 7 years for vehicles with less than 10 seats, 10 years

                                    for vehicles with more than 10 seats & for

- Cameroon:       BESC (waiver) is mandatory

- Congo (D.R.):  FERI (waiver) is mandatory

- Gabon:                ECTN (waiver) is mandatory

- Guinea:               CTN (waiver) is mandatory

- Luanda:              age restriction for vehicles: 3 years for cars, 5 years for trucks

- Mali:                     ECTN (waiver) is mandatory

- Nigeria:              for all cargo except vehicles, a from M number has to be applied for in advance

                                    to shipment; vehicles must be less than 15 years old

- Senegal:             ECTN (waiver) is mandatory

- Tanzania:          FERI (waiver) is mandatory

- Togo:                   BESC (waiver) is mandatory


This list does not claim to be complete and up to date at all times, and has only been created for you convenience. Kindly note that legal regulations might change any time.

Cargoes with Special Regulations

Kindly heed the following provisions of German customs and river police:

- all electrical appliances must be fully functional

- fridges must be CFC-free

- tyres must neither be tripled, nor be deformed and must have  sufficient tread depth

- if loaded into a container, a vehicle's tank must be empty and its battery disconnected

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